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The three-dimensional gate of Baldurs has a big screen, gives a significant performance boost

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The next patch for Baldurs Gate 3 is on the east end. Apparently, the developer tweeted: “The next step is coming.” It has an impressive performance improvement and new adjustments and changes. More important, it begins our journey using feedback into origin’s epilogues and much more.

More details are coming soon, which means that Patch 2 should be available before the PS5 version starts. Larian previously confirmed that fan-requested features could be added. This could include the ability to change their appearance in the middle of a playthrough. Time will likely tell, although the original origin of the character epilogues sounds interesting.

Baldurs Gate 3 is available for PC, leaving Steam Early Access after nearly three years and spending six years in development. That is the third highest game in all time per OpenCritic and it topped the list of most concurrent players at eight75 343 per SteamDB. See our review here.

The PS5 players are going to play it on September 6th, while Xbox X/S does it later this year. Co-op on split-screen, not available on Xbox S, but could arrive after launch.

The last time we’ve got the new patch is around the corner. There’s a lot of performance improvements, a lot of new tweaks & changes, and starts the journey from home with input from origin character epilogues, among other things. The details will come soon.

Larian Studios.@larianstudios) August 29, 2023.

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