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The Tomb Raider series looks near 100 million copies sold

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Lara Croft fans are expecting his beloved heroine to return. We know for sure that Tomb Raider Next will be released by Amazon Games and if it’s cross-platform, but other than these important details, no concrete about the new project has yet been announced.

Since the future of the game is over, the team with the most recent update on sales data reveals the whole franchise, which was born on the PlayStation back in 1996. From that year to present, numerous sequels, spin-offs and re-releases have been released, the Tomb Raider franchise was sold in circulation almost 100 million copies. To be precise, there are 95 million of them, according to the developers in an official news release joking Amazon games.

Tomb Raider has a total of 20 games, is loved by more than 7000 million people worldwide and has sold over 95 million copies since the first game was released in 1996.

I can still wait for the official announcement of Tomb Raider Next, which will probably appear in 2023.


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