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The UK regulator delays a decision on Microsoft-Activision, and that’s based on special reasons

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Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Activision Blizzard, so that it will have to decide on its purchase of the Activision, while he argues with the US-based Federal Trade Commission. In both the UK and the EU, the deal is currently under deep investigation by regulators and it is understood that the final decision in the UK will come later than expected.

The UK regulator announced an extended investigation period owing to special reasons.

The investigation team ruled that the reporting period should be extended by eight weeks under section 39(3) of the law. Considering that there are special reasons not for the deadline to make the final report, the disclosure is indisputable.

So now the regulator in Britain must publish the decision before April 26. The CMA also notes that it seeks to complete the investigation as soon as possible.


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