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The universe for “UNFOLLOW” is a new super-real-hyperrealistic horror game

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Serafini Productions released a short teaser trailer for its new hyperrealistic horror game, UNFOLLOW. FNOLLOW has a nase-poison date for an release date for February 2024, and looks really good.

In UNFOLLOW, you play as a bullied man, escaping monsters, and navigating the mystery of Akidearest in a thrilling tour of terror.

According to the developers, the game will focus on social issues and the dark influence of social media. This is a lot of online celebrities, including Knite, Akidearest, Barbascura X, Elisa True Crime, Kin Ryan and more.

That’s really great here. It’s a free trial.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any further information to be reported. We suggest you give me a go with the demo. While it isn’t about the quality of the final product, it will give you at least an idea of what you can expect from it.


UNFOLLOW: Short Tear “beta” Watch this video on YouTube.

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