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The universe has gotten perfect character-inspired upgrade

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Creating your perfect character is one of the best aspects of RPGs like Starfield, and while it provides various features, players should not choose from it. If a character is a character in your imagination, it’ll soon be possible for players to create their perfect look-alike character.

To the best of the stars, Todd Howard, one of the directors and directors at Bethesda Game Studios, is also one of the most notable, since he worked for nearly twenty years and has been on the team that developed the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series.

One player had a great time sharing a character from which he wanted to look like him, and it really works.

Because why not? by u/Molda_Fr in Starfield.

I love to say that this level of customization is currently possible in Starfield, but it isn’t, unfortunately. We don’t know whether that is the work of the mod or Photoshop. If anything, some custom isn’t enough, and fans are already asking if Todd is a romantic character.

Like most of the companies, Bethesda was a big advocate of modding their titles like Skyrim and Fallout 4 and they support mods for Starfield so much that there’s a creation kit that will be used by people.

Fans are surely clamoring for one, and many respond to the Todd-inspired picture on Sep. 3, by suggesting others put on work on creating similar mods.

So far there are a few mods already available, from re-engineered to improved performance, and various optimization improvements. It isn’t yet clear yet that character has been created. Hopefully, soon, we’ll have many more to use to create interactive space flight experiences and our own planets.

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This character-based mod looks like anything might be possible in Starfield if the player get around to a creator of this good.

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