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The update for Vampire Survivors comes just in time to mark the holidays

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Poncle will unveil a new feature for the car-watched game Vampire Survivors in season 2020. Those Whiteout updates, known as 1.7.0; will get you into the holiday spirit even though it is already not true.

The whiteout update is absolutely free (Merry Crimbo) and now available. It’s all the holiday advice that comes with me.

  • Six new opportunities are EXTRA.
  • There is a new bonus stage.
  • Two new relics are called PowerUp and have to change an existing character’.
  • 1 new weapon has a modified version.
  • 1 new playable character!
  • A new music track is being released.

Thanks, Santa! Meanwhile, a tongue-incheek trailer will be watched so that you can recall the big department store celebrating its birth of Christ since July. If big-name stores can do this, why don’t we? shouts the trailerdamned right.

To keep you going, I’m the one who performed sacrifice and wrote a review for Vampire survivors after their release. A warning, such an ex-converter wanted to play around as addictive. On the other hand, its innocuous as a general end point on an otherwise-general goal of doing that. So it won’t keep asking for money! Aside from a few DLC packs, there are no microtransactions. What you are risking is a relentless impulse to chase on the right route. Even if you are honest, social media has likely already changed your mind.

Happy Holidays!

Vampire Survivors are available on the web, in one console and for another mobile. Whiteout update (1.7.0) is available now! No, wait! There’ll be no earless consoles. There’s a PC now!

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