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The update to Windows 11 puts many users into trouble with BSOD

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Microsoft released an update for Windows 11, with a few unwanted consequences for many users. A lot of people report that the critical BSOD error is visible immediately after installation.

At issue is the update that North American made available earlier this week. According to reports, this is a problem which mainly affects people with motherboards that are made up of MSI.

Windows 11 Updates can detect unsupported processes that are not supported by the corrupt system.

We found many users complaining about the recent update to Windows 11. After installing this, they’re faced with a critical error in the MSO, pointing to a faulty processor.

We are currently searching to find out whether this is the reason it’s caused by Microsoft. If more information is available, we’ll update.

Many people who have noticed this problem utilize Intel processors with motherboards from MSI. Also, all affected parties have the latest BIOS version installed on their systems.

However, affected users had the opportunity to regain access to their computer and roll back the target update. After this procedure, the BSOD error is no longer visible.

Microsoft has now removed the in question update from the affected systems. If you are not careful about the update, you’ll always have the option to install your Windows 11 as part of the new Windows 11.

It’s important to say that the update in question failed to complete the usual tests, and the latter was done by the Windows Insider program. However, reports of this error have already begun to surface.

MSI has links with the BIOS version of this BSOD error.

The latest version, as stated by the company, has more than one update.

This update is coming to the Z690 and Z790 chipset motherboards in order to support 14th generation Intel processors. For now, the main solution to this problem in Windows 11 is effective to roll back the BIOS version.

If you don’t have a motherboard from this brand, you shouldn’t have any problems with the latest Windows 11 update. It’s important to keep the warning under hand so that users don’t get caught off guard.


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