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The updated Samsung Freestyle Projector adds Gaming Hub to play Xbox games in the cloud

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With the release of Starfield coming up, lots of gamers will be playing the sci-fi RPG on their Xbox consoles or their PCs. However, what if you could play the game outside, or on the ceiling in your room, on a 100-inch screen?

Samsung is hoping people will do just that with the newly announced and updated Samsung Freestyle Gen 2 portable projector.

Samsung says the new Freestyle will include the company’s Gaming Hub, which is also available on many of its smart TVs. That means the projector will be able to access a number of cloud game streaming services.

That includes Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming, which is available with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. NVIDIA’s GeForce Now and Amazon Luna are also available with Gaming Hub.

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Aside from Gaming Hub, the Freestyle Gen 2 has most of the same features as the first version. The two-pound WiFi-based projector can create an image from 30 inches to 100 inches in 1080 resolution.

Its design allows users to put that image almost anywhere, even on a table or a ceiling in your home. It also has autofocus and auto-leveling features that allows the image to correct itself in terms of its position, the surrounding lighting, and more.

It comes with a 360-degree speaker, and in addition to the Gaming Hub, it comes with Samsung’s smart TV OS for access to streaming video apps like Netflix, Disney Plus, and more.

You can preorder the new Samsung Freestyle projector now on Samsung’s website for $799.99. If you pre-order it before August 31, you can get a free carrying case for the projector that would normally cost $59.99. You can also buy other accessories like a battery base to allow it to stream without a power cord.

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