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The WD 1TB Xbox Expansion Card hits all-time low on Amazon

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Xbox Series X and S owners are scrambling to reclaim some storage on their consoles in preparation for the upcoming Starfield release next month. Those not wanting to delete games can take a more practical approach and score the 1TB Xbox Storage Expansion Card from Western Digital. The drive has hit its all-time low on Amazon, now available for only $127.49.

Xbox Expansion Card is a proprietary SSD format Microsoft uses for its consoles’ storage without sacrificing features and speed. Modern Xbox games built upon the Xbox Velocity architecture require snappy drives, and your regular external USB drivers are too slow for that. Expansion cards from Western Digital and Seagate let you get an extra 2TB, 1TB, or 512GB of storage while retaining compatibility with current-generation titles. This comes in handy when you want to download a modern game that “weighs” more than 100GB (some are now getting close to 200GB). For reference, Starfield will eat roughly 126GB on your Xbox Series X|S.

The Western Digital C50 Expansion Card for Xbox

Unlike traditional external drives for Xbox (you can still use those, but they are only compatible with Xbox One/360 games), expansion cards do not require USB cables or disassembling. Removing the cap and plugging the drive into the corresponding port on your console’s back is all it takes.

The WD_BLACK C50 Expansion Card for Xbox leverages the Xbox Velocity Architecture and delivers similar performance as your Xbox Series X|S internal storage for a seamless experience with all your favorite games.

Games are getting bigger, eating up more storage. Capacities from 512GB to 1TB let you keep more of those titles installed and ready to fire up at a moment’s notice.

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