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The white chamber will be re-released on Steam

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Even if you don’t know what kind of game that is, I give you a brief description.

the white chamber is a short-tiddly horror movie. Explore strange environments created by immersive 2D. Look at the young woman and let them deal with it in a three-seventh of life, when she solves puzzles and overcomes confusing obstacles along the way.

This is the character of the game.

A young girl turns up and sees the strange glowing coffin in a dark room. Who’s he? What kind of place is it? Why was she here? As she explores the strange environment in which she’s trapped, she must search for answers, which will lead to her closer closer to the white chamber and to what it holds.

This is an indie horror game released in 2005 in the point and click genre and it’s now available through the official website of the developers.

In 2014, developers in the name of a different studio, Locked Door Puzzle, announced they would remaster the game and created a website with info on the remaster.

The website made some promises regarding the remaster:

Quick update from 8KP. Full-screen environment With full edits animation Re-recorded voice acting New puzzles and areas Bonus prequel audio drama Never-before-seen designs. Steam version is connected in the world with PC, Mac and Linux, with achievements and trading cards.

However, after that, there was no new news, and the release date of the remastered was not known until 2023.

The White Chamber appears on Steam in August 2023. The date for release is September 7, 2023.

The steam version promises to be among the new innovations.

Changes, expanded audio drama, new steam secrets, steam achievement cards, cloud saves, etc.

If you want to get to know the game better, I recommend watching this video.

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