The Witcher 3 and Xbox One X have a comparison with Playstation 5 in two modes


The Technicians at Digital Foundry, a division of Eurogamer, published today a comparison of The Witcher 3 on Xbox Series and Playstation 5 using Quality and Performance Mode. This comparison has a few details.

The two modes on Xbox X and the Xbox 4 have a well-established visual setup in terms of main images and engine settings. Regardless of what the differences are, they come from native resolutions and optional inclusion of the ray tracing feature. FSR 2.1 – with dynamic resolution scaling, the pixel count can slashed to 1080p at its lowest lag. Most times, the value of the value is 1440p. In performance mode, the game tends to native 4K, while 1080p still is the lower limit. The Witcher 3 seems sharper on average in performance mode. The Xbox Series X usually runs with more pixels on average than the Playstation 5 version in the dynamic range. In particular in performance mode, Novigrad runs 1440p at the Playstation 5 and closer to 1800p at the Series X. Moreover, the number of trees and shadows on the Xbox X is noticeable more compared to the Xbox X. The depth of detail of the Playstation 5 is noticeable in a direct comparison, rather than in the density of grass and shadows. The ray tracing mode on both consoles suffers from the input lag issue. The Journalists are saying that at present it is better to play on new consoles in performance mode.

You can see the more detailed comparison of The Witcher 3 on Xbox One Series X and Playstation 5.


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