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The Witcher 3 funny video shows Roach attacking Ronvid

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The Witcher 3 has its fair share of stupid characters. But none of them deserve the most attack for Roachs than the nutmeg of the Lesser Log. A young person who decided to become a knight and swore to a hundred fights for the glory of a honey Maiden, whom he thinks the most beautiful in the world. So, of course, he decides to challenge one of the world’s most powerful sword fighters, Geralt of Rivia. That doesn’t mean that Roach would be the real challenge.

Ronwid has four times at the age of three during the game, and with a hard time understanding about Geralt, a bit harder to fight with, finding new weapons and a real sword to fight with. Nevertheless, this doesn’t help her much. After being scolded by Geralt, he is out and return after a bit of confidence, before being defeated again. The player have their choice in the final meeting – let him live or kill him for not wasting time. In a much-anticipated manner, CD Projekt Red made him angry, albeit by a passionate fan in Oblivion.

The video below shows Geralt reluctantly agreeing to a fight with Ronvid saying let’s get over with, but then the camera pans and Roach makes a stop. The fight ends before it starts. Before the end of it, Ronvid only hears a neigh before two hooves hit him on his head, knocking him back a few meters away.

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