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The Witcher 3 is the armor of the White Tiger of the West: How to open and locate the set and find the set and how to find the pieces

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The Witcher 3 is a set of armor that the white tigers are gifting Geralt from Yennefer. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Remaster has added and it is considered one of the best armors in the early stages of the game.

In this guide, you will learn to buy the White Tiger of the West in the Witcher 3. Read on for the location of the Yennefers gift in the Vizimas castle.

The minimum of 11 is the minimum of the White Tiger of the West for military and military capabilities.

How to unlock the white Tiger of the West in The Witcher 3: How you get the weapon from The Witcher 3.

Before starting looking for new weapons, you must unlock it at the main menu. If you want to do this, open the section I have awarded.

On the screen a notification indicates that the user must register or log into an existing account in REDLauncher (or directly through GOG GALAXY).

If everything was done correctly, you’ll see the picture after opening the My Rewards section.

Next up, load the game previously saved. If Geralt had the fortune to be present at the event of Emperor Nilfgaard during the “Lise and gooseberry” mission, then the Witcher will receive a letter from Yennefer (section Quest Items). If you don’t then you’ll have to finish the mentioned quest.

Enchantresss letter is instructive with the location of the White Tiger of the West. The girl writes that Geralt is on his way to the royal castle of Vizima and outlines the path that the witch will have to overcome.

The Witcher 3 finds the white black Tiger that is the West’s only armor.

To find a gift for Yennefers, navigate to the royal castle of Vizimas using the nearby marker.

From the main entrance, turn left and exit from the inner garden through the door.

Take a look at a waterfall in the central part of the area. Next, walk to Vizima entrance.

The hallway leads to the next room, along with the fireplace. Here Geralt sat down at the door and waited for a chest.

Get up and tap the act button on his hand, to receive a letter from Yennefer and a complete set of White Tiger armor from the West.

the silver sword of the Nine-tailed Fox; the steel sword of the Nine-tailed Fox; the shield of the White Tiger of the West; the westerners and the white Tiger, the vests and the west; the green Tigers.

Characteristics of the white tigers of the west’s armor.

You can’t get bonuses when wearing the full set.

If you equip the sheath with the silver and steel swords of the Fox-Tailed, Geralt will acquire many traits: a certain number of characters will get higher with your ability to be very powerful.

There’s a +11% penalty strike chance; +11% chance to cause bleeding; +15% chance modifier to cut off a limb.

Armor (armor, boots, pants and elbow pads – white Tiger of the West) increases the following parameters, respectively.

+75 health; +5 percent adrenaline gain; +200% stabbing resistance; +100% impact resistant resistance; +08% resistance to slashing; +33% resistance from a monster; +250% resistance to poisons; +22% elemental resistance.

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