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The Witcher 3 lets you get a treat

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After over 1,000 hours of games in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, I can end up loving a gaming leader.

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According to the recent 4.00 update, the ability to pet Roach has been greatly enhanced by the Witchers Reddit community.

You can take Roach by ignoring the jump button next to her ;&gt. She’s a witcher.

Like the thread states that in order to get Roach in the Witcher 3 all users need to do is press and hold the jump button when standing next to him. On the PlayStation 4 and 5 you should call the circle button. On the Xbox, you need to call the B button. PC users can also perform this by pressing the space bar and using the space bar. If this isn’t working, try to get to a different place around Roach if that’s not working. It might be somewhat windy sometimes.

It was a beautiful surprise, though the CD Projekt Red stated that this update would contain some new secrets. We can’t wait for an update of what the community finds in the coming weeks.


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