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The Witcher fans are confused by Netflix Casting Choice for a Good Character in Blood Origin

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Everybody knows that casting actors for live-action adaptations can be incredibly difficult when it comes to the matching of events. If something works, the difference is huge. The Witcher: Blood Origin film didn’t resonate without sounding among fans and critics alike, but instead came one more piece that shook the pot: the cast choice for a elf, Aralach.

The article, Redanian Intelligence, has been retorned by the fact that Samuel Blenkin (Peaky Blinders, Pennyworth) will play the role of the most important elves in the human universe.

The Witcher: Blood Origin positioning itself to be a completely original story outside the original material written by Andrzej Sapkowski was already a risky maneuver, and the reaction to this latest news fails to help. Reddit users fifthdayofmay swiftly crafted this fantastic meme to spread the word that this casting choice is highly unexpected and potentially unwelcome.

That’s apparently Avallach on the N*tflix show. Yes, really. from witcher.

Though Blood Origin is intended to be a prequel dating back to the creation of the first witcher, it would be understood if they hadn’t extended the life of an elf so far. Since there are many negative responses of the Reddit post, this is probably not the wisest idea. The best joke ever is user prx24 asking, whos playing him when they lift the curse? in reference to an Avallachs cursed form of Uma from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The witcher universe is very stark contrasted. On the one hand, fans are loving all of The Witcher 3 in the new Next-Gen upgrade, while simultaneously, it seems a lot of people are dunking on Blood Origin.

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