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The Witcher franchise is a different one

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The Witcher is the next one who will join the almost unlimited number of Monopoly spin-offs. The Witcher was released for $44.99 from The Op.

The fantasy franchise has started selling by artist Andrej Sapkowski, before winning numerous awards and films such as games and television shows, but did eventually get famous – it is going to turn back on the road to full commercialization. Players compete to buy, sell and trade the famous monsters in the game, like the names of both the game and lore-appropriate cards, community chest (Rewards), and Chance (Right of Surprise).

The rules of this edition of Monopoly are the same as the same: run the pit and run the main battle. The version, however, has a certain feature, along with its own gifts, such as Kaer Morhen, the Burning Book, the Crystal Skull, the Lute and Roach on the Roof.

Here’s what was included.

3 Horsedos 3 Horsedos 32 houses 10 hotels renamed Manors Dice Rules (Crystal Skull, Burning Book, Kaer Morhen, Lute, Roach on the Roof, Swallow) Horsedos 3rd.

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