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The witcher game is paused and CD Projekt Red will create The witcher four

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The Witcher tabletop games were taken off while CD project red was working on The Witcher 4, coded Polaris. R. Talsorian Games announced an abrupt cancellation in August. But now says that it doesn’t know when to resume the game.

We’re doing well at Talsorian, although the news is disappointing, said cody Pondsmith manager. We still don’t have a precise timeline, since the many issues with CD Projekt Red haven’t yet been resolved.

Polaris will not release until 2025, therefore the hiatus might be long. Even though it may not be clear which stories will actually become involved in the main game, content may be cut later.

Pondsmith said his story, set between Witcher 2 and Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, isn’t directly related to Polaris, but Talsorian and CD Projekt Red are working very closely to ensure that the Witcher canon remains consistent.

The new content we planned isn’t directly related to the Witcher 4, but touches on many things of The Witcher’s history that are integral to the whole canon, he said.

Pondsmith tapped this question in the initial announcement.

Since CD Project Red began working on the fourth Witcher game, we are collaborating to ensure the user interface between two products remains as seamless as possible. We had a lot of meetings, which lasted more than two days, discussing the lore of the Continent and the direction of the Witcher franchise. We had concluded that at this time it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to work on the TTRPG story while keeping in touch with the CD Projekt Reds upcoming plans.

The Witcher TTRPG fans may expect new content, so Pondsmith, in his post, explained that the game isn’t dead.

He also said that there is a possibility of small content release:

We have no plans of releasing new high-quality content for this time, but we hope to release free downloadable content on our website, concentrating on the well-established concepts from the Witcher canon that aren’t affected by The Witcher 4.

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