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The Witness’s author: The london rings isn’t distinguished by thoughtful design

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The developer noted that all bosses are copied from other opponents that players have seen for ten years.

The creator of Braid and The Witness, Jonathan Blow, was involved in the discussions in 2022 about the development of games. The puzzler had been explaining that Elden Ring didn’t have a well-thought-out design, but the developers from FromSoftware just put a lot of e-mails and put them in a box.

Elden Ring is a really interesting design. This is a huge map full of bosses with different attack options. The size and quality of the game is remarkable. This is much more complex in terms of quantity and size than the studios previous games, which is so large that the scale and length of the content are also different from the studios.

Those two things also partly explain lack of realistic design. The stuff is all about it. Here is a bag.

Blow noted that there is nothing unique about them in Elden Ring. In his opinion, they are just copyrights from other studio games.

They’re just dated from the bosses we have seen for ten years. That isn’t a criticism. They did a great job. But what it is is what it is.

Elden Ring was released in February 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and X|S.

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