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The Wizards Dark Times: Brotherhood is coming In October

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The Wizards Dark Times and Brotherhood are planned for October. As one part of the original trilogy The Wizards: Dark Times, the content is basically meant to give some new options to gameplay and storytelling, and that also allows the game to feel a lot better. Especially in multiplayer mode, where there are a ton of enhancements. But you will also get a 4-player co-op mode where you can challenge the group. We got more for you here below – it is going to be released on October 19th.

Thanks: Vertigo Games.

“In The Wizards Dark Times: Brotherhood, make your dreams of exploring the Land of Magic and battle your way through disorganized forces in this VR, first time with two friends! Do you get to make a difference? The Wizards Dark Times: Brotherhood has many changes, and for players in the franchise with their own.

  • Wield The Elements Co-op: A new update allows players to team up with three friends in different skill-wise games (Fire, Frost, Storm, etc.) to explore the world of The Wizards: Dark Times together.
  • Remastered Single Player Campaign: Do you want to go alone? With more unique spells, varying enemies and more VR interaction with the environment climb boulders, ride a troll or even chase trolley carts.
  • Enhanced Graphics: Experiment with this dangerous journey and experience the game at new level.
  • Gain the acuity of the acuity. In the same way you are a true wizard, make the universe go with acuity. Using an optimized control for greater accuracy, no magical (or technological) barrier would leave you.

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