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The world record was reached at Baldurs Gate 3 – Speedrunner requires only a few minutes for a distance

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The 8/16/2023 attempt at the 8:06 mark by Norman Wittkopf Baldurs Gate 3 is actually a full role-playing game, not a simple sequence. It’s only used as a full game for many hours and still takes a few minutes to complete in record time.

The recently released playplaying hit Baldurs Gate 3 has a reputation for his depth of play, but he can play in the weekend for a weekend. The speed runner named Mae has proved that this can be done much faster. He managed to finish the story in 10 minutes and 3 seconds.

To do that, you need to choose Origin and the Origins character Gale as main character, and then, with the right measures, reach the End of Act 2 where you can skip Act 3 and the End of the Tournament. At present, be warned that you’d prefer spoil the history of the game. The video which shows the current world record for a YouTube channel is accurate according to Speedrun.com.

Warning: The following section contains spoilers for Baldurs Gate 3 gameplay.

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Baldurs Gate 3: How speed runs go.

The basic speedrun strategy in Baldurs Gate 3 is to roll the Enhanced Leap spell on the 17-strength Gale and triple his leap distance. With this companion, a long jump follows Act 2. Where the speedr, who then missed a decisive health boost, is finally enchanted by the strongest hope of the greatest protection against a massive damage made from shadowhearts single target. Ultimately, Gale can take a teleport at a crucial moment and win the game adversity.

According to Gamerant.com, it remains to be seen how long the longest of the second consecutive sprint will last. The major speedrunning communities have only recently begun to accept the final results of the first sprinter. The delay between release and start of submissions is considered a common practice in the speedrunning circles, that should encourage players to enjoy and try new games, before the fastest run is possible.

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