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The Xbox Design Lab now has shiny Shift Series cases for even more customization

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Microsoft has pushed a new update for it Xbox Design Lab Suite. The Xbox controller customization feature now introduces an all-new top case version, taking the designs from the Shift special edition controller line.

“In 2021, we introduced the Shift special edition controller series with the Aqua Shift, followed by the Lunar and Stellar Shift controllers,” says Xbox Accessories Product Marketing Manager Mekias Bekalu in today’s article. declaration. “We’ve been thrilled by the Xbox community’s response to each controller and are happy to announce that the Shift Series is now available through the Xbox Design Lab.”

The Shift lineup adds a two-tone color-changing shade to the controller’s top cover and side grip. Aqua Shift features a blue shimmer, Lunar Shift has a silver-gold look, while Stellar Shift offers a blue-purple option.

Design Xbox Design Lab Shift

Also joining the Shift family is the new Cosmic Shift design, which will be exclusive to the Xbox Design Lab. As you can see in the picture above, it has a white-pink shimmer.

Keep in mind that choosing one of the new Shift designs will add an additional $9.99 to the controller when using the Xbox Design Lab. As with other Design Lab gaming pads, in addition to the top case, users can change the D-pad, button designs, bumpers, triggers, and back case, as well as add metal parts, rubber grips, and even engraving for further customization. .

Since its debut in 2016, the Xbox Design Lab has undergone multiple upgrades, gaining more colors, different materials, and features to improve customization. In 2021, the updated Xbox Series X|S controller received official support, while last year, the Xbox Elite Series 2 became another option for receiving customizable designs.

Design Xbox Design Lab Shift

With leaks saying that a brand new Xbox controller with haptic feedback is currently in development, we may soon see a brand new addition to the design lab. Furthermore, an upcoming Xbox Series X refresh could also see the cylindrical console itself be part of the Xbox Design Lab.

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