The Xbox Exclusive Redfall will come in early May according to Windows Central


In a few days ago, Redfall was already reported as being a possibility in May 2023. As an outsider of Okami Games reported that the release date of the cooperative action was changed, but initially the game was planned to be released earlier.

Another well-known gaming insider has revealed that Arkanes Redfall will arrive in MMX in May and will be on PC in March. The writer of Windows Central, Jez Corden wrote that his own sources confirmed plans to release Redfall in the first week of May 2023. Jez notes that Microsoft plans to open Redfall first a few days earlier for pre-order buyers, the same way that Microsoft did forza Horizon 5.

Remember that Redfall was released for the summer of 2022. Redfall will appear in Game Pass right after release.


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