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The Xbox leaks are old news and not real plans claims Phil Spencer

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Phils had a tough week (pic: Microsoft).

The leak of the next generation hardware, the rumor has already led the public to start damage control today.

The Xbox boss’s career has never been an interesting period, though: this week must have been one of the strangest of the time this week. As soon as Xbox came into motion, they’re attempting to release everything they wanted, including new consoles and Bethesda games.

It was assumed that they were the federal Trade Commission (FTC) that had leaked them, but what was assumed is that Microsoft did it, leaving no one with blame, only themselves.

It has been possible for Spencer to talk about old emails and documents. It’s hard to see our team work being shared in this way, because it has changed so much and so much has to be excited about now, and a lot later. Once we’ve done our part, we’ll share the real plan.

Of course, a word like Spencer can’t be taken with respect to the actual value of the word. Whether the information is old or not he would say that, and then he might better put rivals off the scent, and do so in the upcoming five years that he doesn’t want to ask any questions about the leaks.

Arkane Studios plans have also probably changed completely since the Redfall debacle, though it is hard to say if that makes an Enhonored 3 more or less likely.

The hardware is hard to ignore. Microsoft has to make plans for the future of the Xbox 360, so it can be expected for 2028.

We saw the discussion on old email and documents. It’s hard to see our teams working together in this way because so much has changed and there’s so much to worry about now and in the future. We’ll share the real plans before we get ready.

Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) December 19, 2023.

And, only months after they completely changed their plans, the truth is that they’re suddenly completely irrelevant.

When you look at Microsofts announcements, you can understand with confidence how accurate the information is.

If the new models of the Xbox series S and X, plus the new controller turn up in 2024, it will become clear that plans haven’t changed much. Microsoft will, certainly, try to dispel people from the scent in a way or another, if you change their shape.

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The details of further leaks may shed light on the situation, especially as the personal email that Spencers sent to Xbox staff, and that wasn’t meant to be seen by the public, has already been leaked by The Verge.

Today, several papers submitted in the court case concerning our proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard were unintentionally disclosed. I know this is disappointing even though many of the documents are over a year old and our plans have evolved, he told staff.

I know, too, that everyone takes very seriously the confidentiality of our plans and partners’ information. This leak is certainly not acceptable to me. We’ll learn from what happened and be better with the future. We all put in immense energy and passion for our work, and that’s not how we wanted to share that hard work with our community. Those said, there’s so much more to be excited about and when were ready, share the real plans with our players.

I want to say thank you all for everything you put into Team Xbox to surprise our players and delight them. In the days and weeks ahead, let’s keep focused on what we can control: Continue the huge success of Starfield, the upcoming launch of the impressive and accessible Forza Motorsport, and continue building games, services and devices that millions of players can enjoy.

It is still possible that even though Spencer says the other one thing that you can be sure of is that he still wants to buy Nintendo.

Is this still the path? (Picture: Microsoft).

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