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The Xbox One is making series X console wraps

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You can bring a little more fun to your Xbox Series X.

Xbox announced today that it’s making a range of official wraps for Series X consoles, enabling you to replace your console with a new look without any fuss. Hell, you can even give the XI console a Starfield theme, making it easy for the limited edition console a little bit of a fairytaletale.

This new generation includes three Xbox Series X Console Wraps. The previous mention in Starfield looks great, a controller and headset, as well as Arctic and Mineral Camo. The Starfield wrap cost 44.99/49.99, and the Arctic and Mineral Camo wrap cost 39.99/44.99.

Instead of making the wraps painfully stick to your console, they are folded around and then firmly held with a secure rope and loop enclosure. The wraps are made of high quality materials, with solid panels covered in layered fabric. They are printed to hold the material in place. We cut the plastic wraps precisely so that the console can breathe, and we are also able to get access to other important things, like ports and buttons.

It looks a little odd wrapping your console, so make sure that we have seen some of the wraps ourselves. If you want to try and go to the next level, then it’s better to buy a new product or make a third-party decal to the one you have already got. The Starfield wrap opens on October 18th. We can continue with the series X series if it is not possible. The artic and mineral Camo wraps launching on the 10th November.

Get more about Xbox One Console Wraps on Xbox Wee or go to the Microsoft store for your preorder.

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