The Xbox was the best of 2022 to remember the team’s best moments


The Xbox studio didn’t release any major games in 2022, and as well as the gaming community, they used to get mad for it. Even in the Xbox One, there were a lot of interesting moments. The Xbox team even created a whole video of that video.

This video shows the Xbox team recapping the games of 2022 for the Microsoft gaming division. In this video we will see what were shown at the game. For example, Xbox Live, Gamescom, FanFest Trivia, Xbox Accessibility Showcase, Tokyo Game Show. Some games that have been announced or are actively developing: Minecraft Legends, Ara: History Untold, Age of Emperors, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Grounded, As Dusk Falls, Pentiment. Plus, the creators of the video also remembered several important events for the Xbox year, like the release of a huge number of Games Bones by the Gamespass.

That video did not make room for many Xbox exclusives that continued to evolve this year, including Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite.


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