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Them’s Fightin’ Herds can be claimed for free on the Epic Games Store today

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Thames Fightin Herds

Another gift has landed in the Epic Games store, and this time it offers They are warring herds As the game that should be caught as a replacement for yesterday sable, marks it as the fifth drop. Also, this is another first timer to appear in the Epic waiting slot.

Although the art style may not suggest it, Them’s Fightin’ Heards is a competitive 2D fighting game featuring cartoon animals instead of normal human characters. The well-received indie title launched in 2020, and comes with a story mode, in-depth tutorials, as well as local and online PVP battles.

Developer Mane6 describes key features like this:

  • Efficient Combat – 4 button combat mechanics, magic system, improved super attack, and juggle decay to avoid endless combos.
  • Story Mode – An episodic adventure full of exploration, combat challenges, mini-games and boss battles! Episode 1 (starring Arizona) is now available. Additional episodes are in development and will be released as free updates.
  • Local vs. and Crossover Online Matchmaking – Battle opponents offline or battle across the globe with the powerful GGPO replay code.

$19.99 is what They are warring herds It usually costs a purchase when it’s not on sale, but it is Free to claim on the Epic Games Store for the next 24 hours. The store’s sixth mystery giveaway will go live tomorrow, December 20th at 8am PT.


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