There are currently 9 games, known for 2023 by Xbox teams, for which teams can play for the same period


2023 promises more interesting year for Xbox Games and Bethesda than 2022. At least 9 projects in the Xbox Podgogo project are already scheduled to release in 2023 most of them new, some coming to new platforms. Here’s a list of the games that were released as of their current release date.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition January 31, 2023 (Xbox), the game is already available on PCGhostwire: Tokyo 2023 (Xbox), most likely will be the end of March, and it’s already available on PC and Playstation 5Redfall 1H 2023 (withdraws point to May) (Xbox, PC)Starfield 1st half of 2023 (Xbox, PC)Forza Motorsport 1st half of 2023 (Xbox, PC)Kerny

It’s worth saying that the last time that 9 games were released from Xbox Game Studios in 2020. In 2021, a total of 5 games were released and a total of 4 games were released in 2022. Games have released on new platforms, such as Last Years Deathloop | S.


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