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There are hundreds of public comments on Activision Blizzard that were abusive or unintelligible, says the UK regulator

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The public has spoken to them (pic: Microsoft).

The UK regulator investigating Microsofts proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard revealed that most people are favorable to the deal.

Around three quarters of the 2600 people who wrote to the UK Competition and Markets Authority were in favour of Activision Blizzard, the regulator said.

While officials skeptical of Microsofts assurances, that the acquisition won’t help build a monopoly for Xbox, they did invite the public to write their views in their minds and octopus with them, but it seems that majority did not have any problems with it.

Even though 500 of the 2600 emails receives were either violent or blank or non-intelligible, they were claimed to be from non-UK consumers, or that they were not in English.

Although many gamers can continue online, a percentage of the emails seems pretty good, with the exception that nearly 2100 were very informative and helpful.

However, because of the scepticism of the USA, the majority of publishers that have been asked, without a mention of Sony, hasn’t spoken majorly about the deal yet.

Nevertheless, the US Federal Trade Commission will sue Microsoft to avoid the deal, while a separate lawsuit by the public in the US seeks to do the same.

The full report can be read here but some of the things that favor the acquisition or the merger, like the CMA, are:

  • Sony and Nintendo are stronger than Microsoft in console gaming. This merger will help Microsoft to compete more closely with them.
  • The merger won’t harm the existing consoles because Microsoft has made public and private promises to keep Activision contents, including Call Of Duty, non-exclusive. The availability of Minecraft on rival consoles shows Microsofts commercial strategy isn’t to make games exclusive.
  • The merger will push Sony to innovate. It is by re-modifying its subscription or creating more games to compete with Call Of Duty.
  • The merger will help Activision provide better guidance and leadership and encourage a push for it to invest more in other games than Call Of Duty.

The arguments for the acquisition are familiar and, in some cases, directly contradict the deals’ favor.

  • Microsoft has the resources to create an offer that is competitive with PlayStation exclusives without acquiring Activision.
  • This merger would lead to a merger and create a scalability in the gaming industry – the acquisition of big publishers and not encouraging organic growth.
  • Microsoft’s Call of Duty will do the same thing as Xbox, with Bethesda, as its acquisition of ZeniMax Media.
  • Because of the loss of games in Game Pass, Microsoft can capture the multi-game subscription market.
  • The merger could gain in Microsoft’s bargaining power in relation to the game publishers.

The report in the CMA final was released on March 1st 2023, but at that time the law in the United States is likely to be going through full flow.

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