There are still hidden secrets in Tunic, The game is available in GamePass


In March of this year, Tunic was released on all the online games currently. The game became available right after release, as did the game, which the Game Pass subscribers. The game is called one of the main games of 2022. The game has been in many TOPs this year and has great reviews.

Despite a large audience of players at Tunic, including with the Game Pass agreement, a few secrets from this project have not been revealed yet. Andrew Shouldice, developer of Tunic, told IGN that there are still secrets in the game that he planted, but they haven’t yet been found. It’s not about things like chests or objects, but the different references, hidden meanings and other things the developer added to the game. Recently, one of the music types discovered in Tunic was hidden.

While it’s true that Tunic has an average score of over 85 on review aggregators, it must definitely be a product of a Game Pass subscription.


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