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There’s a new game with a variety of playable characters

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When can Super Mario come back on the Switch finally? According to a well-known leaker, there is hope in that regard. When the title is released, a new title is said to be coming out and will probably have four playable characters.

Super Mario was once one of the biggest Nintendo franchises and turned into a box office hit and system seller in the past. Nevertheless, the newer brand has become a little quiet. Since the release of Super Mario Odyssey in 2017, the Japanese haven’t followed up with another major part of the series, but a light appears to be coming up right from the end of the tunnel.

The famous leaker Zippo, who is involved in news about Nintendo, says now that Nintendo is working on a new Super Mario. Compared to the 3D version of Super Mario Odyssey, it should be a new 2D title in the classic franchise format. In the first time since New Super Mario Bros. U in 2012, it would be the 2nd Super Mario era.

According to the leaker, the new 2D game is already nearing the end of development, so it shouldn’t have been too long to come. Moreover, the playableness of Mario, but also Luigi, Peach and Toad should be respected. It would have been better to consider that Peach didn’t play anywhere in Super Mario 2 since Super Mario 2 a day ago.

Zippo put the year 2023 or the year 2024 followed as the release period. At least one presentation of the new game should have been given an appropriate time. At the moment, Nintendo has at least not officially confirmed a new Direct conference.

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