There’s a place all Warzone 2 hostages + map map


Players who find a hidden cache in Warzone 2 can quickly secure high-level loot during the game without facing any difficult obstacles.

The only thing it is that it’s not so easy to tell where they’re going. A hidden cache is often a circular small vault dug into the ground.

It’s difficult to see, but for the players who get to know them, it doesn’t have a lot of loot.

Here is where to find every hidden cache location in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 Hidden Cache location map.

A Hidden-Cache map shows Warzone 2.

Here’s the place where you find everything hidden in Warzone 2. Below, you can look at the map region for a more detailed view.

They provide extra cash for players to buy the Loadout drop from buy stations.

Some hidden caches will appear underwater, and others might have already been looted by other players. If you’re trying to gather loot, try these best tips to improve in warzone 2 and survive Al Mazrah.

Oasis and Taraq village, quaint areas with hidden trees and mud.

Oasis and Taraq village have 9 different hide cache locations – two of them. This is one of the best landing spots in Warzone 2, due to the vast amount of caches located within the area.

The airport’s hidden city limits are visible.

Malk Airport has six hidden cache locations that players can easily loot a large number of killstreaks, wealth of cash and even weapons with attachments.

Quarry & Cave, hidden dumps/cats The place has been for since the past few years.

Here are all the hidden caches that players can find in the Al-Safwa quarry and in the Sattiq cave complex.

Where the location of the Observatory is hidden Cache.

Zaya Observatory has three hiders in the nearby district and a few in the nearby areas. This isn’t the best location to land because of the amount of players here and how to split all the hidden caches.

Sariff’s Hidden Cache Locations.

There’s only one hidden cache in the Sariff Bay POI, located at the top of a mini-insel – visible from the map.

Rohan Oil & Hydroelectric Oil/Copper accounts Locations Hidden Cache Locations in the water.

Here are all the hidden tyres in the vicinity of Rohan Oil and Hydroelectric. These locations are in front of some of the best Stronghold Spawn locations. Therefore this is a great landing spot for experienced players.

A huda village &/ or the graveyard of the sacred city of Sawah.

Sawah Village is a best landing spot in Warzone two because it’s easy to collect cash and buy your primary weapons.

If you find a hidden cache scattered around here, then it can easily turn into your favorite landing spot.

Al Sharim Pass-Mexico Cache Routes with the hide-cache.

If you’re not trying to get to warzone 2, head over to Al Sharim Pass can help gathered some quick loot without risking too many encounters.

What is the hidden ache in Warzone 2?

Hidden cache is a small vault with cash, equipment, and even killstreaks. It is good to take precedence from enemies – and it’s an important tool for players to return from the gulag.

Knowing where those hidden caches are, because they always have money. This can help players buy their first weapons or return a teammate from the Buy Station 2.

However, if you are at the game earlier, then try to raid one of the many Stronghold spawn spots in the hope of finding extra loot or a active Stronghold.

It might help you find the ultimate victory by using the pistol you can get from a black site.


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