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There’s more Super Mario movie McDonald’s Toy Leak Online

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The toys from a McDonald’s promotion in Japan for The Super Mario Bros. movie came to the public for the first time in this month, possibly revealing the unofficial character. The promotion plans are coming up for the UK. As far as plastic toys are available in Japan, these Happy Meal is paperwork, allowing kids to build things like Peach, Cranky Kong, Mario and more. The papercraft toys will debut in the year – though it’s not known which of these promotions will be releasing in North America.

Video Games Chronicle shared a picture of the papercraft toys. A few are found in the below link, and rest is available from their website.

One more look at the Illumination film: Super Mario Movie McDonald’s. Full gallery via the link.https://t.co/hqJUuSCYEh pic.twitter.com/teZTwlowup.

VGC (@VGC_News) December 16-2522.

The Super Mario Bros. film was supposed to be released by April 7th, but it was supposed to have come out this month. Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment announced that they had delayed the celebration earlier this year, but as stated in VGC, they’d probably allow this promotion to be expanded into Happy Meal but were intended to disappear shortly thereafter. We don’t know if McDonald’s restaurants in North America will follow Japan and the UK’s rule. But we’re more likely to know soon. In fact, it’s neat to see how much the film is being promoted, and that fans of all ages would really like to add this to their collection.

Of course Mario has a long history with McDonald’s promotion, dating from 1990 to 1990. That year, a restaurant chain offered Happy Meal toys. The product was Super Mario Bros. Since then, a mustachioed mascot has made numerous appearances at McDonald’s, promoting different video games. This is the most recent of these, a Mario Kart promotion earlier this year which brought back many toys the first time it was offered in 2014. To see a new movie is just the beginning.

Do you want to watch Super Mario Bros. movie? Do you plan on getting some Mario Happy Meal toys?


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