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These 14 games could be disregarded in January 2023, Hurry Up With Them In January 2023

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More than a dozen projects are removed from Game Pass every month. Among them, there are games that you want to have time to pass. Microsoft announces the removal of the games from subscription 2 weeks before they’re removed, and sometimes later.

In advance, games will be removed from Game Pass in a given month. These dates were added to the subscription. We have proven that this technique of forecasting is very accurate; even if there are enough people willing to play games such as Game Pass that are on the list for potent deletions, you have to hurry with it.

Be aware of the accuracy of this method.

We have already predicted that upcoming games will leave Game Pass in an identical fashion. In one of the two materials on our website, one assumes they’ll be deleted in November and in the other official list of games to be removed.


Here is an inventory of games that could be removed from Game Pass in January 2023.

Injustice 2 (added January 2021)Donut County (added January 2021)Was (added January 2022)Spelunky 2 (added January 2022)Nobody saves the world (added January 2022)Hitman Trilogy (added January 2022)Pupperazzi (added January 2022)Tom Clancys Superresiction (added January 2022)Frostpunk (added January 2022)Deaths door

Remember that all of these games won’t definitely be withdrawn from the game pass, but these are under threat of removal. If you wanted to play one of these games (or some ones), then you should hurry with this in the middle or end of January so it can be removed.


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