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These surprise MTG-drops dominate the Deserts of Eldraine Draft

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The book of three of the three Witches set is coming up. Two Magic: The Gathering one-drops are the top picks.

After the digitization of the Wilds of Eldraine (WOE) on Sept. 5th, a new meta has begun to develop in the Limited Draft format, according to 17Lands. The standard-legal set features several draft archetypes with two o’clock color each, with a fairytale theme. In Black and Blue, for example, is Faeries, while Black and Red are all about the rats. Some players are choosing a third color to splash in WOE Draft, though they were using the One Drop Green Sorcery Brave the Wilds.

Brave the Wilds with love.

A Breve the Wild | Image from WotC.

In Draft, a third color isn’t abnormal, though it is typically harder to pilot a single color MTG limited deck. In the Wilds section, the addition of Brave the Wilds, though, encourages players to play the Wilds of Eldraine draft. The pounding spell is simple enough to rewind this ram, so it uses the new MTG mechanic Bargain to improve what the Common is capable of.

A single-drop go-find-a-land spell is solid in a limited format. A shame of free and union, so that the elusive Wilds play a key role to their win.

Since the digital release of WOE through MTG Arena and Magic Online, Green became one of the most popular colours to splash thanks to Brave the Wilds. And sorcery is easily accessible from a draft, with only a few Commons in common. But it’s not the only one-drop who made waves in Draft.

Monstrous Rage

The Dark Horse | Image via WotC.

That show has a win rate of over 60 percent at the end of the WOE Draft, much like Brave the Wilds, and the win in Red, Monstrous Rage. The Uncommon pumps a creature up to 4 stats at instant speed, creating a Monster Role token, one of the most popular symbols in WOE.

Splashing Red is also a popular option in WOE Draft, especially if playing a Black and Green or Green and White archetype. The color Red and Black has a similar color to Rats, but includes some of the best removal spells in the limited format. The freestyled edgy can esloquently splash, while the Monstrous Rage fuels damage by symphonizing a theme in the WOE set.

Players can test their brave the wild and monstrous wilds through the MTG Arena or the Magic Online Draft. In addition to game books, picklers can play wilds of Eldraine.

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