Third-person ARPG The Last Oricru receives a update built on community feedback


Today the developers at GoldKnights released the 1.2 patch for the third-person sci-fi ArPG The Last Oricru, which will make the online experience more enjoyable, and take the latest steps to adding the in-game map.

The Last Oricru is a RPG focused on fast-paced storytelling and player selection. From the living and breathing medieval sci-fi world of Wardenia, players are surrounded by huge civil wars for control of the planet. The once peaceful place is exposed to a shadow of violence, massive battles and a dark conspiracy. Choose your own path, side with different factions or betray them, influence the outcome of the war and remember: your choice is worth it. The last Oricru is for single-player and co-op play.

Last Oricru is available in digital form for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox S9 Series.


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