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This amazing custom PC looks like a Starfield control panel, and you could actually win it

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The launch of Starfield has been accompanied by a huge marketing campaign by Bethesda Softworks and Microsoft. However, we think the coolest way we have seen to promote the sci-fi RPG didn’t actually come from Microsoft and Bethesda. Instead, it comes from a giveaway of a very unique, and very cool, Starfield-based custom PC rig.

Gaming PC maker SkyTech has teamed up with Intel and SignalRGB to create this custom desktop PC, which has been made to look like one of the control panels you can see inside one of Starfield’s spaceships. Here’s a description:

This custom gaming PC features powerful high-end PC hardware and indicators that sync up with your gameplay. This is made possible with our SignalRGB software, designed specifically for RGB enthusiasts. It analyzes the game in real-time to deliver breathtaking RGB lighting effects. The talented team at Skytech Gaming designed the PC with proper airflow in mind. This entire PC was 3D printed and hand painted.

There is also a YouTube video that goes into more detail on the custom Starfield PC. It shows that the bottom of the PC has two customized Stream Decks installed, and the big screen can show you all of the in-game data while you play the game. The screen is designed to come off easily so you can access the parts inside.

Speaking of which, here are some of the hardware that’s included in this PC:

  • CPU: Intel 13700K
  • GPU: 7900XTX
  • COOLING: 280mm AIO
  • PSU: 850 Watt SFX

The case also has huge cooling fans on the right side, which pulls air into the case. It is then pushed out from the top of the case.

You can sign up to win the Starfield custom PC at Skytech Gaming’s website. The giveaway is available worldwide, with the exception of a few trade-restricted countries. You have about 45 days to enter, as of this writing.

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