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This cosplayer dares the Leap of Faith of Assassins Creed

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The new year should be very interesting for fans of Assassins Creed. In 2017, the modern representatives of the multimillion franchise mutated into huge open-world games with a clear role-playing element. In Origins we went to Egypt, Ancient Greece should be explored in Odyssey (2019) and the Reboot trilogy came back to its glory thanks to the atmospheric Viking setting. As soon as the final update for Valhalla was released, a new era has begun for Ubisoft’s legendary game series. A few weeks ago, a total of five new titles were announced that would bring Assassins Creed to a new level of popularity and provide diverse motifs for different genres of play.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage appears 2023.

The Assassins Creed (Assassin’s Creed): Mirage is going out of motion. The third part of the board should be smaller again in scope, skill tree and loot, but multiple fan reactions show that the players’ decision will be well received. The crime is committed in a historical town called Baghdad, but it will be released in August 2023 and continue the story of Valhalla.

In Assassin’s Creed: Codename Jade, a new mobile title is running into the franchise. According to the fact, it’s going to be in Asia, more precisely in China. It should be a limited, mobile game, but a full-fledged representative with a fully developed open world. There is even the option to write your own character with the character editor.

The Cosplayer gets back to basics.

In theory, a cosplay is also a character editor. In reality, this works similarly and is much more complex in real life, apart from some sliders. The cosplayer Lomias came to the right conclusion by creating the characters from Assassins Creed in real life.

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In a post on Instagram, she can be seen preparing for a so-called Leap of Faith over the old London rooftop. The prestigious jump of the game series shows a certainrsault, before plunging of fearless hand into a wild haystack with outstretched arms. Her assassins outfit is very elaborate and in the most detail.

This is popular amongst PC gamers and PC games readers alike.

Mary Dimitrescu from Resident Evil 8 puts you on the ramps in the new year.

She’s considered a popular antagonist in video game history. You see a cosplay of Lady Dimitrescu scaring you.

Cosplayer finishes her off with Scorpion from Mortal Kombat: Finish her!

Please be careful that if you’re not careful, this cosplayer of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat will send you with a Fatality!

Assassins Creed: Codename Red and Assassins Creed: Codename Hexe are other promising projects on the road. As a player, go visit feudal Japan. You are definitely going to see a foray into the horror genre, too. We have an even better time to discuss the new titles. In addition to the new titles we have created, we have a particularly successful cosplay for the Assassins Creed upcoming games.

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