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This guy helped the Pixel 6A and it’s a little better

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News JVTech The Pixel 6A is a bit more advanced thanks to this developer.

Published on 12/15/2022 at 06:40.

The Google Pixel 6A is one of the best smartphone in the world that costs less than $500. Especially since all promotions often contain less than 350 euro. The device is also pretty cool, but it did not have the pixel 6 and 8 version, yet it did have the function.

The community serving the Google Pixel 6A is based in the name of the community.

There are few smartphones who can boast about being among the best cameras and being ultra-compliant for an affordable price. And yet Google has successfully achieved this with its latest Pixel 6A. The small-range smartphone is quite expensive.

More specifically, since we are now looking for a new one. The Pixel 6A costs more than 340 euros on Amazon. . But it is not something that a designer has fast achieved. This is to increase the refresh rate to 90Hz, like the Pixel 6.

Nathan Brooke, a student development scientist, figured out how to change his Pixel 6A from 60 to 90 Hz. But now he’s facing a problem in his development. Even though it is possible today, he found that he shared freely on GitHub.

The developer needs Google community.

The goal seems to be on the verge of reaching this goal, after more than a year of development. Unfortunately, he’s forced to leave his baby to the community. He goes to study and can’t be able to finish the development.

Note: Green tint isn’t fixed, this is why we did not release the official green tint, but you won’t notice green tint on max and lowest brightness, only in the middle, hope is others can help you with the gamma and finish the off, rest is stable.

Nathan (@TheLunarixus) December 10, 2022.

The project currently allows the switch to 90Hz, but has a pretty annoying bug. The green color isn’t displayed when the brightness is above the smallest. He has never published his work yet. Despite brightness in the middle, everything works. It’s also a complex optimization because all of it is relatively stable.

Now it is incumbent on the community to take over. While the Pixel 6A is successful, there is no doubt that amateur developers are happy to finish the work of Nathan Brooke.

Especially since hallway noise suggest that the Pixel 7A has a basic 90Hz screen. The photo parts will be big, too. What makes it a very good smartphone. Especially if it comes out at the same price this year, Pixel 6A.


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