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This is the story that you’re referencing in this series: Tears of the Kingdom

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The Legend of Zelda series fans have discovered that Amiibo and its ten characters have been relisted on a French e-commerce site called Fnac. The re-listing shows that the Amiibo will arrive at the store in March, which coincides with the May 12 launch of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Nintendo has yet to officially announce a re-release of the Zelda Amiibo, but it would be logique for the company to re-release the Amiibo line-up just in time for the next big Zelda title.


Fnac is a French business that sells anything from phones and video games to comforters and backpacks. It would seem a mistake to list the Zelda Amiibo to Fnac next month if they were to arrive in France, fans could expect a re-release in the States and other parts of the world around the same time. The amiibo listed on p.n.c.’s page are listed below.

  • Mask Link for Majoras!
  • Twilight Princess Wolf Link.
  • I’m walking the hive of wild horses to the wind.
  • Breathe of the Wild Archer Link.
  • Ocarina, a friend of TimeLink, has joined Timelink.
  • Princess Connection Twilight Princess Link.
  • Pixel Link
  • Breathe of the Wild Guardian!
  • Wind Waker Toon and link to each other.
  • Wipe by Skyward.
  • The wild princess zelda is seated in her thigh.
  • Windstorm Toon Zelda Shutter.
  • Breath of Wild Bosalo is a wild bobby!
  • Links Awakening
  • Super Smash Bros. Princess Zelda is a giant-sized princess.

These are the first two of the Amiibo listed on Fnac, and the Zelda Amiibo might also be rereleased, including Super Smash Bros. Link Amiibo. Amiibo are figures released by Nintendo, for Nintendo fans who can scan their console to obtain a rare feature. The Legend of Zelda Amiibo are some of the best Amiibo games Nintendo has ever released. And now it’s gratifying seeing fans get first chance of many of the hard-to-find amiibo movies. Scanning the Zelda Amiibo and Breath of the Wild gave fans a lot of bonuses, while the Wolf Link Amiibo summoned the wolf to help players on quest.

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