This is what comes in the box of the OnePlus 11 Aroged


If you want a charger in your smartphone, you have to buy it the most. OnePlus seems to be beginning to avoid the trend, but supplies the OnePlus 11 with a VOOC charger.

For some reason, many manufacturers haven’t put chargers on their high-end smartphones. They say they save the environment, but in the meantime I think it’s a matter of keeping it in line with the BOM. One hand, a charger costs you a little money and the chargers waste space in the box. As soon as you ship millions of boxes, this takes a massive amount of money for shipping.

OnePlus 11, which comes with a charger, has a charger.

OnePlus aims to provide an answer for the question of the price of this item. The OnePlus 11 has a proper charger. With this, the brand has the same strategy as OPPO. Not surprisingly, OnePlus sister company and Xiaomi are a lot older than the brand. According to the World Bank, OPPO continues to supply chargers because its VOOC fast chargers are not on the shelf. Consumers who buy an OPPO phone for the first time would lack a VOOC fast charger and not able to use the maximum speed of charging.

In light of the fact that OnePlus is a sister company of OPPO and use the same charging technology, the statement will likely be the same as the phones of the OnePlus smartphone. The OnePlus 11 will come with a charger at least 100 watts. That is faster than the fast charger of the 10 Pro (80 watts) but at the same time slower than the 200 watt VOOC fast charger of the 10T.

That charger is great. In the box of the OnePlus 11 we probably also find a charging cable and SIM tool, along with a bunch of stickers and a black cover. It’s not known if a green cover is supplied with the green version of the OnePlus 11. When you decide whatever color you get, it is certainly useful as a temporary cover, or a long term cover. Since the case isn’t made of transparent plastic, it will never be necessary to dye the material for a long time.

The plan is to launch in February from the week 7th.

OnePlus, which announced the OnePlus 11 on February 7, will be hosted during the Cloud 11 event. This event is about the high-end smartphone and the new OnePlus Buds Pro 2. Would you like more details about the 11 standard specifications? We have already listed all the details for you.


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