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This Month, How to Get 7 Free Nintendo Switch Games?

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Halloween is about to happen, and Nintendo Switch fans can celebrate the season with 7 free horror-themed game games. No Gravity Games is currently promoting a new free game at the online store. This will be another day’s promotion from October 25th through 31 with ten different games being introduced on this website, which allows you to choose one of those types (and in some cases still play). To qualify, the Switch’s region must be set to North America and at least one game for No Gravity must belong. Most of their games are currently on sale, but some free tickets can be obtained through a newsletter.

The only other requirement for participants is to take all games as soon and accurately as possible. If a day falls, it can’t be claimed next free game. In spite of that, the games will be on sale all week; so they can buy back into promotion with a purchase from one another which are not available for free. The company’s official Twitter and facebook pages are updated every day to get fans on the news that its games have been offered.

A trailer for this promotion can be found on the e-mail embedded below. Readers interested in signing up for the company’ll receive this newsletter can be very familiar to you.

Get 7 games for FREE. Starting on October 25th, we’ll launch our Halloween & Chills giveaway that runs over the weekend. More info: https://t.co/iWMwaVIfDd #giveaway – free games! @freezoswitch pic page.com

No Gravity Games (@NoGravality-Games) Oct 19, 2023

Games that will not be taken away.

When it comes to the promotion, what will be done for and why / in the publisher’s catalog… Ignore / Open-Langing Tale, and Aptary: all of that. No Gravity Games has offered this promotion multiple times, with one giveaway of the past month and another last year. If no one jokingly tried that game, then it will do with the promotion. So they have no problem jumping in on this month’s giveaway.

Nintendo Switch eShop includes the PlayStation 3.

Some of the games published by No Gravity Games are smaller. Given that despite what it’s worth noting, the fact we don’t really know who can play these free games is in class. In some case, switch owners may find hidden gems. Virtually all the games are sold in the Switch eShop, and it’s very easy for titles to slide under radar. After more than six years on the market, Nintendo has built a great library. Every game that is available could be untested at any level by anyone either and only as well with all other titles being tested for it already! That really is the beauty of promotions like this, for they will likely get Switch owners to try something they may not have otherwise.

Are you planning on playing these free games over Nintendo Switch? Did you participate in any of these contests over the course last year?


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