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This November, The Walking Dead: Destinies will be released

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The Walking Dead: Destinies comes to PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series 2 of the Nintendo Switch on November 17, 2023.

The release date for the third-person narrative driven action adventure game was revealed in an update that we trailer on below, which featured some of AMC’s iconic moments from Walking Dead TV. While Destinies has the title of The Walking Dead, its hook is in allowing choices that aren’t popular by the cast.

In front of the dead, take your journey through Rick Grimes’ horde in an hospital. You can find the walker around such a famous location as The Walking Dead, Atlanta and Greene’s family farm. In a crucial choice-driven moment, you will always change the destiny of your team. These heroes and villains are living lives, don’t they?

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It will be possible to decide whether Rick or Shane leads the group, for example; if they oppos them with him and say yes.

Destinies, which along with its announcement back in August will be announced for the more than 12th of every two shows (including Rick and Shane), Carl&Munny. Every character’s unique abilities are shared among all players. Players must manage resources with limited quantities of weapons and ammunition, but we don’t have to rely on any other player for that purpose!

I heard of them coming from the developer GameMill Entertainment. It released Skull Island: Rise and Kong on October 17 in which he called it “the worst game ever” by fans roasting it online, so that they may not be shocked to find out about it yet later than we did this one day before his release earlier today at an event held now with some heavy crowds laughing over it all night long!

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