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This project Leonardo does the same as an Xbox Adaptive Controller

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The year has just begun, and Sony has already announced new hardware: a controller with extremly tough limitations for handicapped people.

While the dual-sense controller for PlayStation 5 is often considered the best of its generation, in most other respects Sony has been around the curve when it comes to controllers.

The equivalent of the Xbox Elite series, the DualSense Edge, is now being released this month. Despite the fact that the Xbox Adaptive Controller has launched back in 2018 there has never been a PlayStation iPase or similar yet.

As part of the event on Wednesday at the CES, along with the first Gran Turismo movie trailer and new PlayStation VR2 announcements, Project Leonardo looks very different to Microsofts and the same mission is to make gaming more accessible for everyone.

Project Leonardo is a codename. The controller will work either by itself, or by integrating in a standard dual-Sense controller or an additional project Leonardo device.

The announcement was made early so it was more popular with gamers. Sony revealed what features would benefit from that. It told us that Sony was working with groups like AbleGamers, SpecialEffect and Stack Up.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the controller will be particularly useful for a limited motor controller – especially for players with limited control needs, and those who find it difficult to hold a standard controller long term.

Project Leonardo is aimed at promoting an easier hit of specific buttons, in the event of multiple singles, the fact that the individual singles are not clustering simultaneously, and in the same way it will allow you to adjust the triggers and layout to the specific requirements.

The controller needs to be attached and can be used on a table or a wheelchair tray, with the option to screw it into place if necessary.

It also works with third party accessories and includes four 3.5mm AUX ports to allow it to expand further. There can be either a / or a / or a / or a/c external peripheral.

We don’t know a date or price yet. Since the controller is still in development, we can’t release this year.

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