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This twisted Star Wars/Tetris ship is almost useless

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Starfield players have come up with some completely wild ships, so we don’t just mean those from existing franchises. As far as there are flying hallways and Borg cubes, there is now a Starfield ship, an mash-up of Tetris and Star Wars that’s next to indestructible.

It’s the work of Reddit user and Starfield player Solace_of_the_Thorns, and it’s related to Tetriss a L-shaped block with a B-Wing from Star Wars. This bizarre configuration is why its virtually immune to head-on attacks. As long as you damage your frontal attack, you only have the stray shot.

However, this wasn’t just a case of Solace_ofthe-Thorns throwing ships parts together. They really put a real mind into this, figuring out just how the AI works.

According to their Reddit post, I started to question AI against the enemy. How do NPC ships target the player? Do they pounce on the player? Will they aim good at them? Where did he go?

The AI always focuss on center mass, so they decided. They got an easy grin with a handshake but another experiment enabled them to make what they dated the Fat L or L-Wing.

I made a stupid and dumb rocket, so that it is not afraid of frontal damage by the U/Solace of thethorns inStarfield.

Watch what the L-Wing is doing above it and it’s an open sight to see how well it works. Could Bethesda fix this? Probably they did a tweak to the AI. Although this, in turn, could egg players onto other similar damage-resistant vessels.

We tip our hat to the Star Wars Tetris. So you want to make a lot of money, the Starfield release on PC and Xbox Series X|S, and is available through Game Pass.

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