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This Twitch streamer wants to change the US anti-harassment law

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Its hollywood streamer want to change the US anti-harassment law.

Published 27/12/2022 at 20:15.

After making her contribution to promote Twitch gambling, Pokimane wants to use the creation of legislation to make a difference in online harassment.


Help develop legislationA crusade against gambling has spread.

Help the creation of laws

With the strong reputation of the live streamer Twitch, Imane Pokimane Anys uses it regularly to shake things up. In her live broadcast on December 23, she mentioned online harassing herself and wanted to focus on matters at the same time:

I would like to promote the creation of a legislative structure that can take people accountable for their actions on the web () I think there are organizations that are involved in certain causes and I will say to them: listen, if you need someone, Im the one that you need!

An initiative taken following the raid (when a streamer who is just about to disconnect sends its own viewers to another channel) hateful in January 2022. The author of the raid, which discouraged harassment, has been permanently banned from the platform without counting the tentative scams she reports.

Harassment, the observer is not in France at all: so the streamer Maghla spoke a few weeks ago referring to the story behind the scenes of the streamer’s life. Using different sentences, she was quickly supported by her colleagues. That’s what the streamer is making for the moment, with the Internet a tool for trying to stop that type of behavior on Twitch.

The fight against gambling has put off a hard hand.

In any case, this isn’t the first time that Pokimane has reacted against a cause. Last year, Pokimane began to try Twitch with a simple tweet. She posted the following on Twitter:

Try this post if you think Twitch should ban gambling.

A statement appreciated by more than 300,000 people. If it’s not clear whether this is directly related, the platform published a communications that recently changed things. Many cases in relation to gambling explode on the platform, even to this day one of the biggest frauds on Twitch.

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