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This weekend, for Diablo 4, Xbox users will get a free 10-hour trial of the game

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Xbox released the details for the weekend free playday event, and Diablo 4 is one of those titles. From October 19 to September 22, all Xbox members, even those without Game Pass’s 3, have access at a 10-hour trial. This makes Diablo 4 the first Timed Trial game, which is part of Free Play Days. Just as it sounds like a pleasure to take on this feature also comes at big moments too easily! Season 2 of Diablo 4 is very fun and great for prospects to get involved in action over the weekend. Unfortunately, a similar option isn’t available on PC or PlayStation.

If you are using Game Pass Core or Xbox PlayStation One, you’ll also have access to NBA 2K24 & Lawn Mowing Simulator and Hokko Life during this Free Play Days event. As always, the progress you make on all of these titles is saved in order to achieve this goal. If you decide to buy the game after all of that event or even later, you can pick up where they left off.

Diablo 4 is selling for 25 % and the three-hour trial is on sale until November 1. This is a very good opportunity to try out the game, and it will suit you well at its lowest price yet. If you’re going to like Diablo 4 that for 10 hours, it is time we should know.

Diablo 4 Season 2 is already live on all platforms.

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