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This Xbox 360 is made entirely of blocks

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In a clear millennial nostalgia play aimed directly at me, Mega (formerly Mega Blocks) revealed an Xbox 360 made entirely of blocks.

This i-Ray 3-D block set boasts the classic white version of the Xbox 360, its iconic gamepad and, of course, Halo 3, a system that is synonymous with it.

You can even open up the classic green game case and pop out the Halo 3 disc. The packaging is a replica of the OG box used in the console.

It’s not a big picture, but it’s the reason we’re here here for it.

The MEGA 3:4-Size Collection is exclusively available at Target. Get started now: https://t.co/w4fE3G4z1 pic.twitter.com/0Op9bJuNXR-By adol.

Xbox (@Xbox) September 8, 2023.

As with me, Mega remains a cheap Lego product, despite its Halo license. Yet, for block sets, the console is definitely a pretty cool-looking model. Lego released some similar games for the NES and the Atari 2600.

Unfortunately, this Xbox 360 Mega set is a Target exclusive, so it doesn’t seem to be coming in time for Canada. It’s on sale in the United States on October 8th, for 199,99 dollars (roughly 204,86 dollars CAD).

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