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Thone & Liberty Reveals More With Director’s Preview Livestream

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NCSOFT hosted their special livestream this week for Throne & Liberty, which showed off a special Director’s preview of the game. The 10-minute video, where you can watch it down at the bottom, with a CC for non-Korean speakers, identifies a number of aspects of the game’s design. But they didn’t go back to the game-life you will get and the storyline. We have the company notes here that you will find on the side of this webpage before we watch the video.

Credit: NCSOFT.

“In the executive’s Preview, a CCO Taekjin Kim declared that “TL is an MMORPG for everyone ages and nationalities.” Kim also added that “Developed under the slogan of ‘Play For All’, TL will be available on the best platforms that players can enjoy TL, and that is PC and console.”

“Further in the preview, Jongok Ahn and Moonseop Lee revealed more about Throne and Liberty’s key features and details. They showed how Throne & Liberty is a seamless living and the dungeons that change according to the weather conditions and the surrounding environment. The MMORPG’s narratives share a connection between past, present and future. The game also includes a “Free Class”, where players voted on the game’s choices, and a PvP’s (Player versus player) combat system that lets players decide whether they want to engage or not.

“PDMO Moonyoung Choi figured out how TL was going to play in the game. As Choi said, “all aspects of TL are aligned with the goal of our service, “Play For All.” Choi stated that “TL offers a different user experience, both in its own way and in its own right, and that it does allow for a single user experience.” TL’s ‘Memorial’ system extends to this by allowing for a sequential opening of content, customised according to player progress. In addition to TL, streaming on mobile will be available, enabling players to keep up with their TL experience.


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