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Thousands of PS5 gamers were in shock about not receiving their Spider-Man 2 Collectors Edition on launch day

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While many players say their collectors edition for Marvel’S Spider-Man 2 havent yet shipped, the hype is inflaming today.

This game is going to debut tomorrow, and it’ll come on day of the launch. However in Twitter, worried gamers still have plenty for commenters who don’t yet make a purchase order because they can sell their own items immediately! When you see the progress of our order, it’s all about prepping to ship.

I’ve kept checking my collectors edition of Spiderman 2 and it is still in preparing to ship. I am experiencing a real anxious day as Friday falls closer to the end. pic!twitter andcom/8BDhZ3bKTH

Zukara (@ZukaraThetall) October 19, 2023.

My Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition only states that it will frighten the ship on Playstation Direct. Just imagine, of one guy standing there with all its lights waiting for anyone to place an inside box like pic and television (for instance), such as: Vui6YrZTBy or even TXT/Gorgee.

Timmy Holt isn’T in a union, but supports WGA/SAG (@AvatarOdin) October 19-2023.

I saw some people already getting their Spider-Man two collector editions while mine is still preparing for the shipment pic.twitter and mac.com/hj6w9Xf2mk?

Jerrell Aguilar (@SaiyanThoto) October 18, 2023

Meanwhile, others have posted that they’ve already received their collectors edition features a 19-inch statue of Peter and Mileus facing off with Venom ahead on the launch day Oct. 20th this year

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I need this reissue of collectors to get out on the line for ship status, said one player. What makes them feel like many people are starting anxious that their games will come at time so expect very quickly when it comes with an event such as launch day!

There are, for the $230 tsd edition of this event it includes also an steelbook. Digital content like unique suits designed by Peter and Mile’; there are also in-game apps that keep fun at hand with other people alike from being asked to play hardball games on events such as poker or game nights without playing. It was originally only available on PlayStation Direct. In this case, players waiting for the expensive package to be shipped from there awaiting it’s delivery time of the shipover ticket!

PlayStation Direct ensures the delivery of one day. Don’t charge for this so it can be used by other customers as well! However, if gamers can’t swing through Manhattan on the first day of every month it may change.

In fact, this collection does not come with a physical copy of the game. This steel book is empty and contains an additional code for the Digital Deluxe edition of Marvels Spider-Man 2.

I also have it. I feel your pain. Dot Esports is a screenshot of the film.

Among the major carriers that will ship today and still arrive on time tomorrow, it’s possible for Spidey fans to power up their PS5 this weekend.

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