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THQ Nordic unveils Titan Quest II, a sequel being built on Unreal Engine 5

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THQ Nordic just held its annual games showcase, and among its slate of announcements was a surprise reveal of Titan Quest II. This sequel to the original Titan Quest from 2006 will be built on Unreal Engine 5, bringing the Ancient Greece-set action RPG experience to modern audiences as part of a whole new adventure.

Catch the announcement trailer below, though no gameplay has been shown off yet.

The development is being handled by THQ Nordic’s in-house studio Grimlore Games. This is the same developer that delivered the well-received strategy game SpellForce 3.

The studio promises hordes of mythological creatures to defeat, the return of the original game’s custom class structure, challenging combat, a new loot system that encourages players to experiment, and a “hand-crafted world”. Of course, like most ARPGs, co-op play is confirmed too.

Here’s how the game’s setting is described:

Once again, adventurers will find themselves fully immersed in the mythic landscapes of ancient Greece, confronting unprecedented challenges, seeking out exquisite treasures, and expertly blending diverse masteries to forge distinctive and potent character builds. Their ultimate mission? To thwart the plans of Nemesis, the very Goddess of Retribution, as she intricately weaves malevolence into the very fabric of Fate’s Threads. Are you ready to stand against a deity and inscribe your own heroic saga?

Titan Quest II screenshot

Unfortunately, a release date was not shared at the presentation, so fans may be waiting a while to get their hands on the sequel. While THQ Nordic’s official press material only mentions Titan Quest II coming to PC whenever it’s ready, the game’s website presently showcases Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 as target platforms alongside Windows.

For those looking to jump into the universe a bit early, the original Titan Quest is currently on sale on Steam with a 75% off discount. This is thanks to the THQ Nordic publisher sale that’s running to celebrate the new announcements.

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